AI can be so creepy!

technology-3389904_1920AI being creepy is a topic of debate and people are scared when they see ads that they just talked about. I just want to share something that happened with my friend today. He has been speculating that he has been receiving ads related to things he has never search about and only talked about in general. He was frenzied when he got an ad on Instagram for the product that we were discussing in the class. He decided to deny access to the microphone for Instagram and we decided to talk about random product that none of us have ever searched for. And during most of the discussions he kept his phone in his pocket while mine was always handy just to test the hypothesis we had established. What came next blew our minds away, he was shown ad for this random product while I was not. We are now speculating that Facebook Messenger is also hearing to our conversations always but the connection is still to be verified.

It’s so scary that everything we do, everything we speak and everywhere we go are tracked. It is like having a virtual stalker with you all the time. The technology is revolutionizing but we need to understand at what cost. I think this is a thing we all should ponder upon!

PS : Amol, thanks for sharing the incident!



  1. This has happened to me a lot many times and I’ve just come to terms with it. In today’s age, privacy is a myth.
    This incident may be extremely creepy and paranoia inducing but trust me, this is the future.


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